11/23/08…”Sussex #1″

Sussex #1 was a gorgeus traditional cyclocross course. The sun was shining, the ground was fast, finally a race! I took pretty much the whole week off again to rest my calf so I was pretty fresh. My legs felt good during warmup so I figured I could do well today. I went hard right from the gun and was rewarded with the holeshot! A few dudes took a slightly better line on the 1st off-camber climb so I dropped back some spots. Ok. Whatevah. I put in a few big efforts on the road leading into the barns to get into 2nd wheel behind Cam. He was going strong and then crashed on a greasy turn and gave up the lead to me. I tried to open up as much of a gap as I could and led for 2 and-a-bit laps. Cam reeled me back in. A bobble in the sand pit let 3rd place go by. He used it and opened up a gap on me. I tried as hard as I could to close but there wasn’t enough course left and I sat in for 3rd place. At least it’s on the podium! Woohoo! Besides my bronze medal, I came home with a new 30 minute power record. I know it’s geeky, but it’s nice to have the data validate your effort. Or at least I tell myself!

Next week, NJ State Championships!! Rematch!!



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