Mary’s Land of Fair Hills and cupcakes!!

First race number of 09

First race number of '09

It’s that time of year again. Time to come out of hibernation and see if all those miles in the cold are gonna pay-off!! Me and Chucky from Team DeathRow Velo headed down to Maryland to hit the Fair Hills race. I wanted to get a freebie in before the H2H series opener in 2 weeks. Blow some of these off-season cobwebs out of the legs and lungs. But more imortantly, to get some super-ill cupcakes from SAS on the way out of town. We even stopped on the way in to make sure they’d be open after our race!!

The weather was perfect and the course was FAST!! We hit a warm-up lap during the Cat2 women’s race (very niiice) and planned for something around 30-32 minute lap times at pace. The SuperFly and new Bontrager RXXXL Carbon 29er wheelset (envy of the starting grid) felt DIALED!! With the lack of elevation or technical sections I knew I’d have my work cut out for me.

On the starting line my super dope wheels took some of my competitors focus away from getting ready to actually start!! I squeezed up to the front line for a perfect launch. When the gun went I was very surprised at how fast these guys actually went off the line, it felt like a ‘cross race!! I almost instantly went straight to the back of the pack. Shee-ot. Forgot about that part. No worries, plenty of singletrack ahead. I picked my way through to about mid-pack by the end of the first lap. The second lap we ran into lap traffic from the fileds that went off before us. I lost track of where I was in my own field and began the frustrating task of picking my way through the single-speeders. It seemed like there were millions of them. I came up on each one like they were stopped on the trail and would have to pass in the woods, or by taking some sketchy line. Thankfully by the end of my second lap I went by the single-speed leader and could finally pick it back up to race pace and continue on my chase. But, as frustrating as it may have been to be held up, I knew everyone in front of me had to do the same thing so, whatever. I could see a couple guys I knew were in my class. I went by a ton of guys on my third lap and felt like I was at least in the top ten or so. I ended up in exactly 10th place with a 1:34 race time, 3 minutes off race winner and Campmor killah Steve Mancuso. At least I got the first race out of the way!! I averaged 166bpm and 14 mph during the 21 miles of racing. Not too shabby for this early on. CUPCAKE TIME!!

I was good and only had 1, but it was oh so hard to choose!!

I was good and only had 1, but it was oh so hard to choose!!

See you out on the trails!!



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