H2H#2-Tymor Park Challenge

Supah-Fly!! (Photo by Ilya Cantor)

Supah-Fly!! (Photo by Ilya Cantor)

Stop number two in the Campmor H2H Series would take us up to Tymor Park in LaGrangeville, NY. I like this course a lot because it has the most elevation in the series and has a bunch of different terrain types as you go around the course. I DNF’ed last year due to a poor tire choice so this time around I wasn’t going to goof around with my bike setup, it worked at Waywayanda!!

We racin son!! (Photo by Ilya Cantor)

We racin' son!! (Photo by Ilya Cantor)

I carpooled with Nick from DeathRow Velo and we overestimated our travel time by a LOT!! We ended up leaving the shop at 6am and got up to the venue before 8am. Early!! So we had plenty of time to kill. I was able to watch the beginner start, pre-ride before the sport race, work the feed station for my homies. The course was greasy and muddy. It rained hard the night before and didn’t have a lot of time to dry up. I only pre-rode the first section, I didn’t want to know what condition the big climb was in. There were also a few sections of the course that had mud and water running down the trail. Not again!!

The only dry section of trail!! (Photo by GT Luke)

The only dry section of trail!! (Photo by GT Luke)

My race went as good as I could hope for given the conditions of the trail. I knew we would be bunched up through the first section because the speed would be slower than normal. Conditions were slippery!! There was a small group of guys off the front but I could still see them and planned to make a bigger effort on the climb to get them back and/or go to the front. On the false flat fire road climb after the road crossing, I moved into 4th wheel. Once again I found myself surrounded by the Bulldog guys. Chris and Keith in front and Ryan just behind. Alistair from NYCMTB was in our group as well, at least for now!! The climb was super slick and we had to run about 1/2 of it. Getting some training for cyclocross in!! I don’t remember when I went by Keith, after a while it was all just a sloppy messy blur in there. I went around Chris at the end of lap#2 because he crashed and Alistair was long gone off the front!! The 3rd time up the big climb my legs started to give out, I could feel them wanting to cramp up when I pushed hard. I got off to walk the climb and Chris was riding so I let him by. I thought I would catch him on the top but I couldn’t close the gap he opened on me, my legs were SHOT!! I’d end up rolling through the line in 3rd. Podium#2. Mo’ trophies, mo’ money, no bitches though!! At the end of the day I just want to stay consistant and hopefully podium in the series overall. I’m very happy with how my fitness is coming along, this year I actually get to mix it up at the front of the pack and can at least be in the mix for a win. Thanks to Roger from FinKraft for that!! And of course I need to thank Fisher bikes, 3 guys on the podium were riding SuperFlys, including Alistair who took the win!! 29ers are taking over!! We get a little break in the series until June, but I’ll be heading to NYC for the HighBridge All-City race next. See you out there on the trails!!

Bling, bling. Holla!!

Bling, bling. Holla!!



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